"If we want boys to grow up into caring family men this is the way to do it. Thank you." -  Phillip Iszatt. The Times


"I'm afriad that, at 77, the tears are opouring down my face as I remember the bath times, bed times, silly times, going for a walk times, reading stories times. Not sure whether to say thank you or not." - James Joyce. The Times


"As a disabled dad it is so, so rare to see my experience out there in the world. Through these photos - alongside other dads who are just getting on with it - I've been given a real sense of my new role in this weird world." - Robert


"The best way for boys to grow up into caring family men is to have loving dads like these." – A Oritz. The Times


“The project turned out to involve much more than being photographed, as powerful as that has been – some of the photos have an energy I wish I could bottle for the days when things are harder.”  - Carrie


“These photos will help me remember that at one point, I could hold them both in the palms of my hand. Sometimes I cut a grape in two and gave them each a half - this makes me laugh.” - Joel


"Such lovely pictures. Brought a little tear to my eye." - M Wall. The Times